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Blog 30 November 2021

Email Signature Marketing 101: Strategy that Drives Growth


The email signature: an acquisition channel to exploit

According to Radicati and Médiamétrie, more than a half of the world’s population communicates via email. In fact, the number of email users reached 3.9 billion in 2019. It is estimated to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. This demonstrates the importance of this type of communication channel. However, they have also become an important tool in the field of marketing. You should also know that email signatures are a lead acquisition channel. Find out in this article how important email signatures are in terms of marketing.

  • The email signature: a powerful channel for generating leads
  • How to create an effective email signature?

email signature

The email signature: a powerful channel for generating leads

According to Radicati Group, an average employee receives 88 emails and sends 34 emails per day. So a company with 100 employees corresponds to about 1 million emails sent annually. This large volume can be exploited in terms of marketing with a well thought-out signature.

Indeed, the email signature as a marketing tool is still not really used by companies. However, this element is a considerable asset to reach a wide spectrum of prospects in order to convert them into leads. You can find more relevant tips on lead generation in this article: Lead generation: 3 effective tips for B2B prospection. A well-crafted email signature also helps to improve brand awareness and credibility. It also allows the company to gain visibility and increase traffic to its website.

The email signature is an excellent marketing tool because of the interpersonal nature of email exchanges. Indeed, it calls for a relationship of trust between the person sending the messages and the recipient. Then, its strength also lies in the recurrence of the exchanges. Indeed, the recipient easily becomes familiar with the company’s content as the exchanges progress. This makes it easier for the recipient to remember the brand and take action.

How to create an effective email signature?

It is important to spend a lot more time creating your email signature so that it impacts your marketing strategy. Here are some tips on how to create a great email signature.

Always keep it simple and concise

An email signature with a lot of information is not effective. The reader can get lost in the vast amount of information you want to communicate. It is important to keep it simple with concise and consistent information. Many companies opt for uniform signatures to reflect a consistent brand image. In any case, the signature should reflect the company’s image. Always follow your company’s graphic guidelines. Make sure the colours match those used for the logo, for example.

Insert the right elements

In all cases, the email signature should contain contact details, the brand logo and a personalised message. The latter can be used to inform your recipients of a possible upcoming event, a product launch or a document to download. You can also add call-to-action buttons and icons linking to the company website.

It is also possible to insert the company’s social networks or to offer a way to make an appointment directly. You can also insert a photo or an avatar in your email signature. However, it must be a professional and well-polished image. JPG and PNG formats are preferable. Some employees insert an electronic signature. They rely on software such as Yousign to generate and manage this type of digital signature. You can integrate or modify your electronic signature directly in your CRM, Hubspot integrates this functionality.

Measure the performance of your email signatures

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting a quality signature. However, to be sure that it worked, you can analyse the results. In order to evaluate the returns, you can add markers to the links placed in your signature. This will give you precise indicators of the traffic generated by your email signature. Some of the metrics you can measure include click-through and engagement rates, as well as the number of clicks, views or leads obtained.

What should be remembered?

The email signature contains all the information relating to the identity of the author of the message. However, it is a real lever of visibility for the brand’s marketing content. Other interesting elements such as CTAs, links to the company’s website or social networks can be included. Also, the company has everything to gain by working well on the email signature of all its employees.

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