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Teach Me Outbound

“Over 50K likes on LinkedIn”

Teach Me Outbound (TMO) is advice from people still ‘in the trenches.’ Short episodes break down tactics you can use right away.


In this episode, we spoke to Henry Clayton, recently promoted to SDR II at Allego.


What’s in the episode:

  • Henry’s approach to prospecting and what channels work best for him.
  • His side work doing some sales coaching.
  • The importance of routine in being successful in the role.
  • His approach to building a personal brand, including his viral post, which received over 50K likes!

*Steal Henry’s voicemail flow* 


A lot of reps don’t do voicemails, but I see a good bit of success with them. 

It’s another connection point, gives a bit of context to the call and has made people more likely to accept my next call or LinkedIn request. 

First, you want to keep it short - no longer than 45 seconds. If someone sees a voicemail that goes on forever, they’re not going to listen. With your message, you don’t want to give your whole pitch, just some high-level information to pique their interest.

Stick to this simple flow:
✅ Introduce yourself
✅ Highlight this was a cold call and you haven’t spoken before.
✅ Explain why you are calling in very clear terms.
✅  E.g. “The reason I want to speak to you is X, Y, and Z”, highlight a specific problem they might help and that you can solve.
✅ If it’s of interest, I’ve sent you a LinkedIn request (this gives them an easy next step if it’s of interest to them).

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