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Teach me outbound

Time to ditch email automation? | Troy Munson

Teach me outbound is advice from people still ‘in the trenches.’ Short episodes break down tactics you can use right away.


Troy Munson is a Sr Account Executive at Proofpoint who generated 2.3M in pipeline in five months. So, it’s safe to say his quality-over-quantity approach is working.


We covered a lot in this episode, including why Troy ditched email automation over two years ago, how he prospects on LinkedIn and how SDRs can use ChatGPT 4 to save time on research.


*Steal Troy’s ChatGPT 4 prompt for prospect research.*👇


On chat GPT 4, type in “I work for X company, I’m targeting X company, give me five reasons why X person would be a good fit based on any articles, podcasts, or videos they’ve been in.”


This will give you a great starting point and link to all relevant articles, posts, etc.

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