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Teach Me Outbound

How is being an AE different?

Teach Me Outbound (TMO) is advice from people still ‘in the trenches.’ Short episodes break down tactics you can use right away.


We spoke to Lucy Obertelli, AE at MySalesCoach, to uncover how she transitioned from SDR to AE. 


Lucy and Joe break down:

  • Lucy’s journey from SDR to AE.
  • What SDRs should be doing to get to that role.
  • How prospecting looks now as an AE.

*Steal Lucy's video message framework and cold call opener* 


Video Framework


Hey [Name], * insert personalization - anything relevant which you can bridge to the value prop*...


‘Speaking of, *prospects name*, I spend a lot of my time speaking with Sales Directors like yourself who all tell me that they know coaching is the number one thing they can do to support their team.Yet often, with busy calendars and wearing multiple hats, coaching simply doesn’t happen as often or consistently as they’d like it to. Others say, ‘No, Lucy, we do have the time,’ but their challenge is more that 1:1’s are spent talking about KPIs, pipeline management and metrics as opposed to pure salesperson development.


If any of that sounds familiar, I’d love to share with you how we’re helping similar leaders tackle those challenges head-on and help their reps reach their full potential.Let me know when works - *insert relevant personalization reference again if possible*


Cold call opener


“Hey [Name], it’s Lucy calling from MySalesCoach. We haven’t spoken before, although I did send you a video yesterday on Linkedin, so I’m hoping that’s bought me 30 seconds so I can explain why I’ve chosen to pick the phone up to you today?”

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