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Teach me outbound

How to prospect as an AE

Teach me outbound is advice from people still ‘in the trenches.’ Short episodes break down tactics you can use right away.


In this episode, we speak to Jack Neicho, an Account Executive at Salesloft. He was one of the first sales hires four years ago. We look at his top prospecting tips for AEs.


Here’s a highlight from this episode. 👇


Close-lost accounts 


Jack leaves 30 working days since he close-lost the opportunity. Once the prospect hits this, they are put into a cadence for Jack to re-evaluate the account.


He researches why the deal was lost and then crafts a personalized email for the prospect based on his findings. This email checks in with the prospect and asks if it’s a better time to pick the conversation back up.


Watch the full ep for the complete strategy. 👉

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