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Knowledge Base 12 April 2022

3 Steps to Collecting Lead Data w. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Noa Elbaze

How can I enrich a list of contacts from a Sales Navigator search?

Dedicated to salespeople, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature enriches a prospecting file in record time. As a reminder, a prospecting file is a document that records all the information about a company’s prospects. It also contains the contact information of its potential customers and allows the implementation of an effective prospecting strategy. Want to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to enrich your contact list? Discover in this article the three steps to follow to do so:

  • Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Filter your lead search with Lead Builder
  • Use the Google Chrome Kaspr extension to export information to your CRM

Sales Navigator

Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Before you sign up for Sales Navigator, LinkedIn offers you a free one-month trial of the feature. During this time, you’ll have the chance to discover all the benefits it provides for salespeople. Indeed, LinkedIn Sales Navigator :

  • allows you to see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days;
  • helps you find qualified leads;
  • allows you to filter LinkedIn members according to different criteria (geographical area, company, function, groups, keywords, etc.);
  • gives you 20 InMails per month (these are LinkedIn messages that can be sent without prior invitation);
  • gives you the possibility to register LinkedIn profiles in your list of prospects.

Thanks to this feature, you are able to follow important changes in your contacts’ news. Indeed, you will receive a notification as soon as they perform actions or update their information. This is a real ally for successful business prospecting and increased professional networking. The contacts you make with Sales Navigator are of higher quality because the LinkedIn profiles you have access to can be sorted according to your preferences and objectives. You can also check out our page on bulk enrichment of contacts on LinkedIn. This allows you to build more relevant relationships with your prospects who are, by the way, more qualified (more likely to be interested in your offer).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates seamlessly with any customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It also works with lead generation tools like Kaspr. To take advantage of this feature, you need a monthly budget of 54.59 euros with commitment (which makes a payment of 655.08 euros per year) or 74.36 euros without commitment. As you can see, you have to pay a certain amount of money to make your prospecting more efficient, more relevant and more intelligent.

Filter your search for potential customers with Lead Builder

Sales Navigator was specifically designed to help you prospect on LinkedIn, the leading professional social network. In other words, it allows you to acquire more customers and propose your business offer to a maximum number of prospects. The question is: How do you build a contact list from Sales Navigator? After signing up for this premium offer, you can start looking for qualified leads. The first thing you need to do is to set up your search criteria. To do this, simply click on “Lead Builder”, the button on the right of the Sales Navigator search box. You can choose from 22 search filters including industries, company sizes and geographic areas. Once the initial search results are displayed, you can simply save them and restore them later. This is how hot (or qualified) leads are generated through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Use the Google Chrome Kaspr extension to export leads to your CRM

You cannot export leads acquired via Sales Navigator to your contact list without using a Google Chrome extension. You need to install a dedicated lead generation tool like Kaspr to enrich your lead database and get their contact information. With Kaspr, you have the advantage of getting quality, secure and verified data. You can be sure that you are getting valid information that actually matches the profiles you select on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. All you have to do is implement your sales prospecting strategy and approach your prospects in a relevant way. Since you already have their phone numbers and email addresses through Kaspr, you have three options: send them InMails, reach them by phone, or contact them by email. Sales Navigator and Kaspr work in a complementary way: one refines searches and leads, while Kaspr allows you to collect contact information and export the data to a CRM.


To enrich your contact list through Sales Navigator, you will need to first subscribe to a LinkedIn Premium plan. You can then take advantage of all the services offered by this feature dedicated to salespeople. You will need to set up your searches using several filters before saving your results. Finally, you need to export the generated leads to your CRM using the Google Chrome Kaspr extension. This will enrich your prospect database. All that’s left is to implement your sales prospecting strategy and monitor their engagement.

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